The Red Sox explode after the most misfired game by an umpire in the postseason that allowed the Astros to win Game 4

Luz Díaz, singled out for his bad work behind the plate in the Game ...

SI went to sleep before the end of the Game 4 between Astros and Red Sox, you would be surprised to see that there is much controversy over a duel that remained 9-2.But the game was 2-2 with two outs in the top of the ninth. before an unspoken strike started Houston’s seven-run avalanche.

Nathan Eovaldi was on the mound and a curve It seemed to be the third strike against Jason Castro, But the umpire behind the plate on Tuesday Luz Díaz did not sing it.Instead of the end of the inning, chaos: Castro hit a single that broke the tie, followed by a walk, a double, an intentional base, three more singles and finally the third out after a seven-race rally.

Diaz’s mistake was an isolated event. At night, according to data from ESPN Stats & Info, the umpire did not call 23 strikes that technology indicates were, which is the worst performance of these Playoffs.

“I’m not going to get expelled from the game, but I think it was a strike and he disagreed. It is difficult work. I don’t think it will change … lie, it does change, if he sings the strike it changes everythingbut we had our chances before, “said Boston manager Alex Cora.

“I thought it was a strike, but again, in the moment, I try to make my pitches, attack the zone, “declared after the game Nathan Eovaldi, the main aggrieved by that strike not called.” There are turns in which the batters are selective, they have good turns and a call it turns 1-1 into something that should have been 2-0 and changes everything. ”

“I will not say anything”, declared Tuesday’s opener, Nick Pivetta, visibly upset by the umpire’s work.

The seven-race rally put the series 2-2 and instead of Boston being able to wrap it all up at home on Wednesday, there will be Game 6 at Houston on Friday at least.

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