The players’ harsh statement to Rob Manfred and the owners: “We are just looking for a fair income”

Players launch a harsh response to Rob Manfred and the owners of...

TOl little time that Rob Manfredannounced the suspension at the start of the 2022 Major League Baseball season, the Players Association released a harsh statement. The players questioned the other party and ruled that the proposals they have received are insufficient.

The letter was released by the MLBPA on its social media account. They also assured that the income that has been achieved in recent years is a sample to finalize the agreement.

“From the beginning of these negotiations, the goals of the players have been consistent, to promote competition and provide fair compensation for young Players and to uphold the integrity of our market system. In view of the increased revenue and record profits, we are simply looking for a fair income.”

The players ruled that the lockout is an attempt to break up the baseball players’ union itself. But they reiterated that they will not give up on reaching the agreement they seek to start the season as soon as possible.

“What Rob Manfred called a ‘defensive lockout’ is actually the culmination of decades of ownership trying to break up our fraternity of players. As before, this move will fail. We are united and committed to negotiating a fair deal that will improve the game for players, fans and everyone who loves our game.”

Manfred has communicated that the Major Leagues will not start on March 31 and that at least the first two regular-season series have been canceled. Given this, there will be no 162-game season.

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