What is the MLBPA, who forms it and what is it asking for in the 2022 MLB Employer Strike?

Everything you need to know about the MLB Employers' Strike and what the MLBPA is.

Lto 2022 MLB season has been paused. After several weeks of negotiations, the league owners and the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) they failed to reach an agreement for a new collective contract, so the start of the campaign has been postponed.

Much has been discussed the requests of both parties, but after the announcement that the league was cancelled, the players issued a statement in the They assured that they were only looking for a fair deal.

The MLBPA or the MLB Players Union, is the association that is responsible for representing the 40 players who are registered in the 30 teams that make up the Major Leagues, In addition to supervising the work of MLB Players, which will take care of the commercial matters and licenses of the active players. In addition, he supports the development of youth baseball and oversees charitable initiatives. made by players.

The MLBPA still does not accept the economic proposals by the owners since they assure that they seek compensation fair for young Players, as well as asking for integrity in the market system.

Players they asked for $238 million this year, $244 million in 2023, $250 million in 2024, $256 million in 2025 and $263 in 2026, a proposal far from the one that the owners of the teams made.

The MLB and the Union did not reach an agreement due to their inability to accept the thresholds and luxury tax rates, the size of the bonus pool, a fair minimum wage, plus that asks that the way in which the clubs’ income is distributed be changed.

With this disagreement in collective agreement the first series of the season have been cancelled, so the Opening Day that was scheduled for March 31 has been postponed.

It is expected that on Thursday there will be a new meeting to seek an agreement, but it is expected that the season, If all goes well, it will start in April.

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