The NBA requires that personnel close to players and referees be vaccinated against covid-19

New York, Aug 27 (EFE) .- The NBA sent an internal memorandum to the 30 teams in the league this Friday to inform them that all personnel who will work with the players and referees will have to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus when training begins in September.

The foregoing covers anyone who travels with the teams, is in the bench areas, has access to the home, visitor and umpire changing rooms, and those who work at the scorers’ table.

The league also said in the memo offered by the NBA that the policy may be updated when federal agencies release “expected guidance related to booster injections.”

Team personnel must be fully vaccinated before October 1; Game day staff at the time of a team’s home preseason first game, which means early October.

Staff groups that should be vaccinated include coaches, medical and performance staff, team personnel, front office members, team and arena safety, media relations, social media producers, operations workers of the facilities and more.

The NBA also reported that exemptions will be made in cases of unionized workers who cannot be compelled to get vaccinated, and for those with documented religious or medical reasons.

But those who are not fully vaccinated will be prohibited from interacting in person with, or being within 4.5 meters of any player or referee, according to information provided by the NBA in the memo.

They would also not be allowed to travel with the teams and would have to wear masks at all times within the club premises.

Training camps for all 30 NBA teams begin in late September, with preseason games in early October and the start of the regular season on October 19.

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