The Mavericks embroider it and warn the Clippers with a magnificent Doncic

The Dallas Mavericks stormed the Staples Center in the first game of the tie against the Los Angeles Clippers to make his intentions very clear in this first round of the NBA playoffs. The match was resolved by 103-113 after a great choral effort by the Texans, led once again by a brilliant Luka Doncic who knew when to attack the basket and when to distribute the game among his teammates, last night very plugged in.

With a triple-double of 31 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists (11-24 TC; 5-11 3P), the Slovenian player once again became the nightmare of some Clippers who did not win any sets throughout the game. Like last year, some premises of the tie between Angelenos and Texans remained unchanged. The first and most important, Doncic excellence, perhaps the most mature player to ever step foot on an American league court at the age of 22.

The irregular performance of the stars of the Clippers, especially of Paul george, again marked the future of the game. The forward started the game very weak and reached the break with barely 7 points and a poor 1 of 7 in field goals. Until recess, it was the efforts of Kawhi Leonard, with 17 of his 26 total points in the first half, those who pulled the car from Los Angeles.

The Mavs met at all times comfortable in the game and on the scoreboard. They won the first quarter (30-33) and also took the second (25-27) without disengaging but without feeling the pressure nor the added nerves of playing in front of the rival public and against his executioners last season.

Doncic added 21 of his 31 in the first half, but the most important thing he did was involve colleagues who once disappeared at the peak of the year: they especially shone last night Tim Hardaway Jr., author of 21 points, Y Jalen Brunson, who contributed 15 from the bench. A separate mention deserved Dorian Finney-Smith, who had 18 points in a magnificent series of 7 of 9 in field goals and 4 of 5 in triples.

The success of three marked the success of Dallas in the opening game of the first round in the West. Texans went 17 of 36 from the perimeter (47.2%) and they fused a rival that presented the best percentages of three in the entire league in the regular season. The Clippers didn’t tune and they were left on the line of three (11 of 40, 27.5%) much of your options in the party.

It is not that they did not have them, since George managed to recover from his fainting with 16 points of his 23 total in the second half. The resurgence of the forward was not enough, nor were the cerebral and essential plays of a Rajon Rondo who showed why he can make a difference for the Clippers in the postseason. The point guard, famous for his special performance during the playoffs, showed off with 11 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists and a series of 3 of 4 in triples.

Tyron lue began to throw him the anger to

Nicor Batum
at the end of the third quarter (25-26) to demand a total commitment in defense two against one on Doncic. The coach’s screams harangued the team, which since then has done excellent defensive work on the Slovenian.

Doncic did not put any basket into play in the fourth quarter and stayed in single point from staff line. The Slovenian knew how to read his difficulties before the Angelina proposal and then began to distribute the ball and confidence in his colleagues, who had to complete the work without him.

Everyone contributed their grain of sand, also a Kristaps Porzingis that he did not have his night but knew how to pursue his opportunity to enter the game in the decisive minutes. AND
The Latvian sentenced with a matte aesthetic the match and ended with 14 points and 4 rebounds (4-13 TC) a meeting that started very plugged.

Serge Ibaka, who played 13 minutes, he did a good job with LA scoring 8 points, capture 4 rebounds, distribute 2 assists and place 2 blocks. The Spanish-Congolese center, who is still recovering his rhythm after missing 30 games due to a back injury, could gain importance with the passage of the tie.

The triumph, which returns the home court factor to the Mavericks as soon as the tie begins, serves as a warning to the Clippers. Lessons from last year could take their toll now By then the Mavs were very inexperienced, and Doncic faced his first playoffs too alone and with Porzingis injured.

The victory confirmed that Dallas has more wardrobe depth That of old and that the Clippers won’t be able to make so many mistakes if they want to go to the next round. The tie is promising, and Doncic seems very focused on doing whatever it takes to get revenge for last year’s result.

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