The impossible dream of Carlos Sainz: to be a partner of Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz
Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz
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Great friends and rivals, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz they have both personal affection and professional respect. The veteran Asturian driver and the increasingly established Madrid driver help each other when they can, but they don’t forget that they defend different colors.

Fernando Alonso

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In the case of the pilot of Ferrari this would like me to change. “I would not mind being a teammate with Fernando but, given that we are in different stages of our careers and we drive for different teams, the chances of this happening are slim,” he admits in words to ‘Auto Und Motor Sport’.

The work of the teammates is key to the good work of a team. This is how, for example, Mercedes suffer notably in their fight with Red Bull, given that the performance of Valtteri Bottas far from the one that shows Lewis hamilton.

The performance difference at Ferrari is not that high. Charles Leclerc a tough rival has been found in Carlos Sainz, and proof of this is that the Monegasque has achieved a podium and the Spanish two so far this 2021 campaign.

Carlos Sainz, at the Hungarian GP

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The good relationship between the two means that, for now, the Scuderia has a good atmosphere. “Charles is a good guy. We have the same interests and the same goals, so you can have good conversations with him and play sports or play chess. Not only is he fast, he also shows a lot of respect to his teammates”, praises Sainz about him .

In this sense, it is key for the Spaniard to have a certain friendship with the other team rider. He already demonstrated it in Mclaren with Lando norris. “I do not join a new team with prejudice or animosity towards my teammate, but rather openly enter. It is important to enjoy work. When I enjoy it, my performance is better. Fight with my partner? Why should he? That doesn’t do me any good. Everything is better when you can laugh and joke. If we work in the same direction, the atmosphere in the team is better and we progress faster, “he analyzes.

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