Fernando Alonso makes history at Le Mans: the first time a Formula 1 takes a lap on the complete circuit

Fernando Alonso, at the Le Mans circuit with the Alpine F1

Fernando Alonso, at the Le Mans circuit with the Alpine F1
Fernando Alonso, at the Le Mans circuit with the Alpine F1

It has not been competing, but Fernando Alonso has left an image for history in the run-up to the 89th edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans. The Asturian pilot became the first pilot to complete the 13,626 kilometers of the legendary La Sarthe circuit, which is used for the mythical endurance race, with a Formula 1.

<p> Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, at a press conference. </p>
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Vettel’s praise of Alonso for achieving what he “thought was impossible to do”

At the wheel of a 2018 Renault RS18 (the one they usually use for this type of event or for non-official tests) painted in the current Alpine colors, the Spanish driver returned to rolling on the circuit where he conquered his two victories of 2018 and 2019 with Toyota.

Although he did not go looking for a record (there are doubts that an F1 could achieve it), Alonso made it clear with a braking pass in the first corner as soon as he got out of the pits, he is unable to go slowly if he steps on the asphalt of this track.

Once the lap was completed, which could see some 50,000 spectators live (last year there was no public and capacity controls have been carried out here), they joined the track Manu Guidou with the historic Alpine A110 rally, Pierre Thiriet (twice winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans) with the WEC A470, and Alonso’s partner, Esteban Ocon, with the A110 GT4, in addition to the CEO of the company, Laurent rossi, with the A110S.

The chances that Alonso will return to contest (this time officially) the 24 hours of Le Mans will largely depend on his competitiveness in Formula 1. The Spanish has a contract until the end of 2021, although he can renew one more year.

All eyes are on 2023, when they are going to celebrate 100 years of the legendary test. Alpine He has promised that they will still be in competition by then, so it would be an ideal time for Alonso to sing an alirón one last time in the biggest race in the world.

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