The harsh farewell letter from Dean’s girlfriend Berta Viñales: “Why does life take away the people you love the most?”

Dean Berta Viñales

Dean Berta Viñales
Dean Berta Viñales

The tragic death of Dean Berta Viñales at the Jerez circuit Due to a fatal accident, it has been a very severe blow to the world of motorcycling, but especially to those closest to him.

Minute of silence for Dean Berta Viñales at the Jerez circuit

A pilot ‘blames’ Marc Márquez for the death of Dean Berta Viñales: “Young people want to imitate his exploits”

His cousins ​​Isaac and Maverick Viñales They showed it in the emotional minute of silence that they dedicated to the 15-year-old on the asphalt of the Cadiz track just 24 hours after his fatal accident. Now she’s been his girlfriend Rebecca Ortola, which has shared a letter on his social networks in which he shows the pain.

For one young teenager, which is also starting in football in the Valencia, losing your partner is a very hard blow. Photos together of happiness, memories and infinity of sensations that are now split in two by a fatal blow of fate.

This is the full letter:

“Why? Why is life like this? Why does it take away the people you love the most in this world? I have no strength no words to express my pain right now.

From the day I met you, we started talking every day until you left … From the first day I knew it was you, despite our ups and downs in the relationship, I was sure that We would ALWAYS stay together whatever happened, we were always going to be you and me in this …

That’s how unfair life is …

Minute of silence for Dean Berta at the Jerez circuit

Shocking minute of silence in Jerez by Dean Berta, with his cousins ​​Isaac and Maverick Viñales broken with pain

I keep ALL the moments that I have spent with you (which are not few), and all the times that we have moved forward and we have supported each other.

That smile that you always wore on your face, your humor and nonsense, your kindness, how affectionate you were with your beloved people, and above all, a warrior…

Love, you have always achieved what you have set out to do, and you have never given up. I will miss your messages every morning of: good morning my pichucha How was your day my life? Or your romantic messages telling me: ‘my life without you makes no sense, thank you for being with me despite everything, I love you,’ or those messages like: ‘You are the best girlfriend in the world, I don’t know how you have been able to notice me, I don’t deserve you … ‘YES, I do deserve you, you deserved all the good things in this life. Your family and friends will always be with you.

Now who’s going to tell me that if it’s not you? Who is going to text me good morning when I wake up? You have left me such a deep void …

I promise we’ll see you soon, my pichucha.

As you said: ‘always together my life’

I love you with all my being.

Rest in peace darling, you already know everything. “

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