The grotesque of the Belgian GP adulterates the Formula 1 World Championship: the case of Alfa Romeo against Williams

Kimi Raikkonen, during the Belgian GP

Kimi Raikkonen, during the Belgian GP
Kimi Raikkonen, during the Belgian GP
Antonin Vincent / Alfa Romeo F1

The Belgian GP 2021 will go down in history by the grotesque resolution: four hours waiting to do three laps behind the safety car. No one could get ahead and yet the top ten scored points, half of those expected.

The Belgian GP in the rain

Formula 1 apologizes to the fans for the absurdity of the Belgian GP: “Safety must always be the priority”

The criticisms have not been long in coming, although those that have come from the mouths of the pilots have been focused on the fact of awarding the top ten. All the pilots have seen unfair that the top ten in the classification be awarded, given that they have not fought for those places.

After the weekend in Belgium, the rankings have undergone substantial changes: Max verstappen returns to the leadership with 3 point advantage upon Lewis hamilton, when he came second with 8 behind. This is just one example, where perhaps the most unfair is what happens in the rear.

The distribution of the money each season is decided based on how the teams end up classified. For some teams, achieving one or two more points can be the difference between surviving financially or not, so in Spa there have been great losers and great winners.

Specifically, the case of Alfa Romeo and Williams it has been totally adulterated. Two teams from the bottom, which can score points in one out of every five races, have seen the fight for 8th place completely broken after George Russell will finish 2nd and Nicholas latifi 9th. Williams achieved 10 points in total: from having a 7 lead with Alfa Romeo have passed to 17.

The consequences of not finishing eighth in the Constructors’ World Cup are still incalculable. With Kimi raikkonen Facing the final stretch of his career, perhaps not making enough money can force him to retire sooner than he wanted. Or even force you to renegotiate your agreement with Ferrari, with derivations in the contract with Antonio Giovinazzi and, among others, to Mick schumacher.

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