The dream (and slight family nightmare) of the World Series: Brian and Troy Snitker, father and son facing each other in the Fall Classic

Brian and Troy Snitker, on opposite sides in the World Series between ...

Sregardless of how the World Series this year, a member of the Snitker family will have a championship ring.

This edition of the Fall Classic It will be a family affair for Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snitker, who will be in the dugout opposite your son, Troy Snitker, hitting coach of the Houston Astros.

Close all their lives, they will be adversaries when their teams meet on Tuesday night to start the World Series. “Honestly, at 7:09 or whatever time, he’s going to want to kick my ass.“said the father on Monday.

But, on the eve of the series, the oldest of the Snitkers still had time to be the proud father about his son’s success. “It confirms in some way the fact that maybe I did something right, because of how it turned out,” said. “He’s a great kid.”

Troy snitker He grew up in booths and dressing rooms, following his father as he worked in the minor leagues for most of his childhood. Brian Snitker taught his son a lot in that time, andn the affiliate journey from Macon, Georgia, to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was not what he told him, but what he did that was his most important lesson.

“The work ethic”, 32-year-old Snitker said. “I think that’s what I learned best from him, seeing him from a young age on the field. He’s so consistent, hard-working. He’s the same person every day when you’re in the clubhouse with him.”

Snitker, 66, spent 15 seasons managing various minor league teams for the Braves. before becoming Atlanta’s third base coach from 2007 to 2013. He was the branch manager of the Triple A’s Gwinnett from 2013 until it became the Interim manager of the Major League Baseball team when Fredi Gonz├ílez was fired in May 2016.

Brian took the full-time position in 2017 and has led the Braves to the postseason in each of his last four seasons.

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