The Braves control the Astros and go with the advantage in the World Series

The Braves dominate the Astros and take advantage in the World Series.

Lyou Braves didn’t let the Astros do their job and they controlled them from start to finish, leaving them with only two hits in the entire game to take the 0-2 victory and take a 2-1 lead in the World Series.

It was not an easy job but the victory is due to their pitchers who kept the Houston bombers at bay for seven innings, in which they had no hits or runs. Since the departure of Ian Anderson, who walked only three and struck out four on 76 pitches, paved the way for Braves to go with the upper hand.

The numbers would move in the third inning, when Riley singled for Eddie Rosario to go home, being the only one who would do it for eight innings.

Hence the work of Anderson, AJ Minter and Luke Jackson who didn’t let the Astros have a hit or a run and they were aiming for a historical game, but the task was not easy and in the end they could not achieve the feat.

It was at the top of the eighth inning, chen Aledmys Díaz hit a fly ball against Matzek, the ball seemed dominated between Swanson and Rosario, but a confusion caused the ball to fall and they allowed the first hit of the night, ruining the perfect path.

With everything and the error Matzek got the three outs and so that in the next opportunity d’Arnaud took a solo home run to sign the 0-2 victory and lead to their 2-1 ninth in the World Series.

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