Ian Anderson shows off the perfect opening … but a mistake ruins the no-hitter game

Ian Anderson makes World Series history.

Lor Atlanta Braves They were aiming to make history in Game 3. With a five-ticket job for Ian Anderson, the ninth pointed to a game without a hit or a run, but a mistake in the eighth high ruined the whole job.

The rookie right started with a perfect handling of the game during the first five rolls, then to be relieved by AJ Minter and Luke Jackson, who threw one inning each to leave the game without a hit or run in the fateful.

When it seemed that the streak continued to find a perfect game no hit or run, was ruined in the eighth high, when Matzek entered labor. Diaz hit a fly that looked dominated, but Swanson and Rosario did not understand each other dropping the ball and allowing the first hit for the Astros.

The Atlanta starter performance was not forgotten, as he became the fourth rookie pitcher to have a hitless, run-long run in postseason history and third in the World Series, after Jeff Tesreau in 1912 (with 5 1/3 innings) and Spec Shea in 1947 (with 4 innings).

What’s more, tied Tom Glavine as the Braves’ second pitcher to have a long hitless outing since 1995, trailing only Bill james that it did in 1914 that it was 5 1/3 IP.

Anderson continued to break records and is that with the triumph of the Braves, he became the team’s first rookie to win the World Series

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