The benches are emptied in the White Sox against Tigers after an altercation between José Abreu and Niko Goodrum

An altercation between José Abreu and Niko Goodrum empties the benches in the ...

Lyou tempers flared during Monday’s game between the White Sox and Tigers, after a sweep of Jose Abreu in second it will provoke an argument with Niko Goodrum. In the middle of the altercation, the benches were emptied and a hail of shoving occurred.

The ninth roll was running, when Abreu came to intermediate recklessly. The action was not amusing to the Detroit player, who he immediately rebuked the Cuban and they had a heated discussion.

The baseball players of both teams jumped immediately; while some sought to separate the protagonists, others fueled the lawsuit with empty benches. Shortly after, the game went smoothly and ended in Chicago’s favor 8-7.

José Abreu seems that his spirits were on fire, since before. The Cuban was hit by a pitch while in the batter’s box during that inning. So everything indicates that he sought to unleash his fury with a provocative sweep in second, which made Goodrum inflame.

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