Magic number for the Playoffs: what do the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, Astros … need to qualify?

MLB Magic Numer: The Magic Numbers To Qualify The ...

Major League Baseball’s regular season enters its final stretch. The last week of matches to complete the 162 of the itinerary and reduce the total of teams to 10, five per League, in the running to make the postseason, down from the 16 (8 per league) used during the pandemic season.

Entering the last week of the regular season, five teams already have their ticket to the postseason. In the National League, Milwaukee has already won the Central Division, while Dodgers and Giants They already have their ticket and are fighting for the best record in the Majors and the title of the West despite being the only ninth with 100 wins. In the Americana, only the Rays and White Sox they secured your ticket.

What do the other teams need to win? We review your Magic Numbers, the combination of wins or losses of direct rivals, to get your ticket to the postseason.

They have already won the American League East Division for the second year in a row. They have the best record on the Young Circuit (97-59), five games over their closest pursuer, the Astros (91-65). Tampa and Houston start series Tuesday. A victory for the Rays, against them or in the series against the Yankees to close the year, and the Playoffs go through Tropicana Field.

At 91-65, they are five games ahead of the Seattle Mariners (86-70) and six over the Oakland Athletics (85-71) in the AL West.

These two divisional rivals start a three-game series on Monday, which could solve their problem.

His magic number is two to win the divisional crown for the fourth time in the past five years, either in the series against Tampa or at home against the A’s.

They have already secured the Central Division of the American League. Barring a collapse of the Astros, they will be the divisional champion with the worst record, which means not having home in the divisional round.

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