The Astros would have stolen signals during the 2019 Major League season

Lyou Houston Astros face new signal theft scandal on rival pitchers and they would have used a new trap, now in the 2019 Major League Baseball season.

Journalist Andy martino and writer of the Yankees, through his book: ‘The Inside Story of the Astros Scandal and a Colorful History of Sign Stealing’, commented that in the 2019 postseason the Astros employed a changed version of thesignal theft.

Andy Martino noted of the relationship with the past during 2017 when they interpreted the pitches of the rivals and later they communicated to the batters by means of blows in the garbage cans, and during 2019 they did so by means of whistles and massage instruments.

It was also added that during the world series Yankees coach Aaron Boone, would have asked the Houston bench to stop whistling. But they ignored it and was ignored.

Therefore, with the investigations they carried out Major League Baseball Around the 2017 Tournament Scandal the Astros had to pay a fine of five million dollars. Also the manager AJ Hinch, Alex Cora, general manager Jeff Luhnow and his assistant Brandon taubman they were suspended for a year. Now the two coaches are back with the MLB with the Tigers and the Red Sox.

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