Suspicions about Alonso and Ocon’s Alpine for an alleged illegality that Red Bull also has

Fernando Alonso, at the wheel of his Alpine

Fernando Alonso, at the wheel of his Alpine
Fernando Alonso, at the wheel of his Alpine
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Not a season of Formula 1 without technical controversy. If in 2020 it was the DAS of Mercedes, now it is the flexibility of the rear wings that brings the FIA ​​technical stewards on their head.

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Although for the moment everything has remained in the ‘bye-bye’ of the paddock, there are already many voices that point to Red bull, some experts in finding the dark areas of the regulation, to explain the good performance that it has shown Max verstappen in this season start.

Since Mercedes, its great rivals, point out that the rear wing of the RB16B achieves flex much more than the regulation allows, which is beneficial in terms of aerodynamic performance. If they manage to make that part ‘adapt’ to the air flow conditions, their load is greater and, therefore, they achieve that the passage around the curve is faster (among other benefits).

At a time when equality is so extreme, any slightest advantage Having one car over another can be decisive, especially in the back area. That is why Red Bull has countered the accusations against them, pointing to other teams. Among them, Alpine.

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, in the background

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Who has released ballast against the French has been Helmut Marko, Who else. The adviser and shadow hand that pulls the political strings of the team (from choosing the drivers to pressing on these regulatory issues) ensures that their wings are legal because they have passed all the tests established by the FIA.

“There is a new criterion on downforce. This is what happens when new rules are introduced and teams discover confusing areas. However, we are not the only ones, as this will affect other teams. Both Alpine and Alfa Romeo are using rear wings that flex high speed. They will also be forced to make changes, “he said.

Marko responds to the FIA ​​warning that, for the time being, has decided to get a yellow card from them: they will not be penalized, but they will receive more visits from the technical stewards in the coming races to check that, really, that wing does not flex too much.

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