Spencer Dinwiddie could return for a hypothetical Finals

Dinwiddie suffered a horrible injury last December that ended his season. The Nets guard had a tear in his ligament
crossed that ended their dreams of enjoying together with the super team that Nets they were riding.

However, the latest information from New York suggests that Dinwiddie could play again this season, in case Brooklyn reaches a hypothetical NBA Finals.

Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News wrote this week that the point guard has been six months of rehabilitation, mainly in Los Angeles, and that is already doing court work together with his physical trainer.

The nets They have all the earmarks of standing in the Finals this year, at least if they continue with the level of play they have shown so far. The question is whether Brooklyn would risk Dinwiddie If it were the case.

It would not be the first time that a team prefers to bet on the future and not risk losing a player again. In addition, the Nets have formed a group and system of play that Dinwiddie would have to re-enter. The base he’s a free agent this summer.

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