The Blazers narrow down their search for a coach for next year

Portland TrailBlazers he is already working on planning for the next season just a week after being eliminated. After dismissing Terry stotts As a coach, Oregonians are narrowing down their search for the next tenant in their dock.

According to the latest information, Chauncey billups, assistant in the Clippers, Mike D’Antoni, in the Nets, and Becky hammon, from Spurs, are the main candidates to take over the reins of a team that has not finished curdling these years.

Brent barry, the vice president of operations for San Antonio, is also among the names that have been shuffled but his candidacy has less force than the others. Of these, Billups is the one who wins the most integers within the Blazers organization.

The former Detroit Pistons point guard has been the favorite of the franchise From the first moment. It is a different profile than I hope, being a coach with very little experience on the bench in the league, but his past as a player presents a very favorable resume.

D’Antoni is a proven option, a coach who has been in the league for many years and this year has stepped aside in Brooklyn, putting himself under Steve Nash to help achieve the title with that super project.

In case of Hammon is different. The assistant coach of Popovich It has been sounding for several years for many of the benches in the league. It is pure logic that sooner or later she ends up making the leap as head coach of a unemployed team the question is which franchise will bet on it.

Whatever happens, the Blazers know the choice they make will have to count on Lillard’s nod to keep your star happy during this process of change in Portland.

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