Sign stealing scandal and Astros cheating allegations resurface ahead of World Series start

The Astros want to shut up four years after the scandal ...

Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman They were tossing the ball during practice, then gathered for a group hug near second base after training ended Monday. High on the diamond at Minute Maid Park, the sun was shining on a large pennant attached to a tower of light.

“World Series Champions,” it read, along with the number “17” and the Astros logo. And it was solid gold.

No, there is no stain or asterisk in that tribute. At least not here in Houston.

Because if you stain your sign-stealing scandal en route to their 2017 championship looming over them, the Astros aren’t showing it. Let the rest of the world of sport condemn them forever as baseball’s greatest cheaters; they are focused, they say, on putting another shiny pennant on that tower.

“I am not concerned with the narratives. I’m not worried about any of that, “Bregman said.

– Mike Fiers, former Astros pitcher, reports signal theft

– This was the signal stealing scheme of the Houston Astros

– The video that would prove the theft of signals from the Houston Astros

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