Police investigate the murder of the mastermind of the attack against David Ortiz

They assassinate & apos; El Cirujano & apos ;, alleged mastermind of the attack ...

A man who is credited with having participated in the planning the attack suffered by the former Major League Baseball player David Ortiz in 2019 was persecuted and murdered of multiple shots in the city of Santiago, in the north of the Dominican Republic.

“The research is in development, that type of data will emerge from the research … The homicide department barely started investigations“, Colonel Antonio Calvo Pérez told The Associated Press when questioned as to whether said murder was related to the attack on the baseball player.

The preliminary report that the National Police offered to the press indicated that Luis Alfredo Rivas, alias “The Surgeon”, he fled aboard a gray car, with the roof of a taxi company, but he was hit in front of a shopping center where he was shot and his executioners left.

“He passed away from multiple gunshot wounds that hitherto unknown elements caused them, who They were traveling aboard two vehicles, after an argument while they were together, “it was reported.

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