Pedro Acosta is on the path of legend: the first driver in history to achieve 4 podiums in his first 4 races

Pedro Acosta, in the Spanish GP of Moto3

Pedro Acosta, in the Spanish GP of Moto3
Pedro Acosta, in the Spanish GP of Moto3
David Goldman / Red Bull Content Pool

Pedro Acosta It is, with its own merits, the figure of the moment in world motorcycling. He has only been four races in the world championship and has not gotten off the podium, something that no one in history had achieved. Since the motorcycle world championship, which dates back to 1949, no rookie had achieved four podiums in his first four participations.

Marc Márquez and Pedro Acosta

Marc Márquez blesses Pedro Acosta, the great Moto3 diamond who is already compared to him

In the third consecutive victory of the Murcian, which was also in the Spanish GP, demonstrated two of his great virtues: the temperance and intelligence to read the races, and an ability to manage braking that recalls his idol, the mythical Kevin Schwantz.

Starting from outside the ‘top 10’, Mazarrón’s was climbing positions to place himself among the top three to face the final stretch. Everything pointed to the fact that victory would be played with Deniz Oncu and italian Romano Fenati, joined by his Red Bull KTM Ajo teammate, Jaume Masia. In the absence of a few laps the group was cut off, but what was not expected is that the Turk would go long in one of the last corners and he was already wearing Masia Darryn binder.

Acosta thus went to his third consecutive race, fourth podium and a great entry in the history of motorcycling. Along with him, Fenati and Jeremy Alcoba, who premiered in the drawer. The leader of the Moto3 World Championship already add 95 points out of 100 possible and has a 51 advantage over the second classified. Practically unbeatable.

After the race, Acosta showed that at 16 years old he has an improper calm and maturity. Nervous at the questions of Izaskun Ruiz in the microphones of DAZN, the Murcian asked him not to give him so much information because he prefers that his great moment and his praise do not make him lose focus and concentration. “I already had problems in Qatar from reading too much. The best thing has been to forget everything and focus on my work with the team “, admitted the new great jewel of Spanish motorcycling.

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