New York ends the vaccination mandate and will allow Kyrie Irving, the Yankees and Mets to play in the city

Kyrie Irving, Aaron Judge and other unvaccinated athletes will be able to play...

ANDthe mayor of New York, Eric Adamsannounced Thursday that the artists and athletes are exempt from the vaccination mandate in the private sector in New York, allowing players from the NBA and MLB can play in the city from April.

The announcement was made at an event held at the citifield, the house of Metswith team leaders and yankeeswhose pressure would have led to the change in the legislature.

With this, the Brooklyn Nets would have Kyrie Irving back for the last games of the regular season and the games of the Play In and the Playoffs.

In Major League Baseball, several of the top figures in the New York Ninths, including Aaron Judge of the Yankees, were in the midst of controversy over not be vaccinatedthe same as Pete Alonzo.

In recent weeks, multiple people had criticized New York’s vaccination mandate, especially changes that allowed fans attend events without having been vaccinated, but athletes could not play in the city. AdamSilver, Kevin Durant and other personalities criticized the move, but the start of the major league season was the latest push that led to the change announced Thursday.

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