Naomi Osaka will not go to Berlin and it is a serious doubt for Wimbledon

Naomi Osaka speaks in the interview at the foot of the track after her victory against Patricia Maria Tig at Roland Garros.

The controversial abandonment of Naomi Osaka at Roland Garros after giving up press conferences after alleging that they affected her mental health It begins to have more consequences in the sporting sphere for the Japanese tennis player.

After resigning after his retirement to the conquest of Roland Garros, one of the two Grand Slam that are missing after Wimbledon, The Japanese tennis player has also resigned from competing in the Berlin tournament, which starts on June 14, as confirmed by specialist journalist Stuart Fraser.

The resignation of the Berlin tournament sows doubts about whether or not Osaka will finally go to Wimbledon, the other Grand Slam that is missing from his record and where it still appears on the registered list … unless you unsubscribe or resign at the last minute.

In the letter announcing his departure from Roland Garros, Osaka stated that he would take time off to reflect while asking for more involvement from the Grand Slam to help tennis players with anxiety problems. “I’ll take some time off the slopes for now, but when the time comes I want to work with the WTA Tour to discuss what things we can do better for the players, the press and the fans.” Now we can only wait to see if the return of Naomi Osaka to the slopes occurs on the grass of Wimbledon.

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