Nadal: “I would prefer the Games to be delayed for another year”

Nadal: "I would rather the Games were delayed for another year"

Rafa Nadal addressed the media via telematics after winning in the semifinals of the 1000 Masters in Rome over Reilly Opelka. In addition to talking about the game and the final on Sunday, the Spaniard answered a question about the Olympic Games that he asked The country, in connection with the survey in which 80% of Japanese citizens would prefer that they not be held in 2021 either. “I cannot comment because I do not have the necessary information for my opinion to be clear. What has to be done will be done, prioritizing the safety and health of both athletes and citizens. With all the infrastructure that has been built and the delay that has already occurred, another year would be traumatic with the investment that has been made. Although from a romantic point of view, Of course I would prefer to wait another year, because with the world population vaccinated and immunized, the Games would be held with public and galore, as we all know them, so that it could be the biggest party in sport, the most important event. Without an audience it would be less so “Nadal explained. For the rest, he discussed the following topics.

The match against Opelka: “When you play these types of games, you know that they are not going to be pretty, with players like Reilly, Isner or Karlovic, with whom you are not going to find the rhythm and you will have few break options. You have to be very focused, with energy. high and try to produce a lot with the serve, so as not to feel stress all the time. I only had to face four break points and that has given me a lot of peace of mind. It is the game I had to do, against a very uncomfortable player who did not I had lost the serve in the whole tournament and started as a favorite, a priori. You had to be practical, serious and not grant opportunities with your serve. I suffered only in one game. Once the breaks were made, I focused on my serves without doing attrition to the rest”.

Effect on Roland Garros: “I always say the same thing, what happens here is not going to have a great impact on what happens in two weeks in Paris. I go tournament to tournament, because I think that in terms of preparation for Roland Garros the work is done, it tomorrow is a final “.

Land campaign: “I have been able to do the entire calendar, with two quarters, a championship and this final. There was only one bad game, which is Rublev’s in Monte Carlo, because in Madrid it was more a matter of the conditions not being good for me. Furthermore, I have played better and worse games, with some in which I have had to fight a lot. I’ve been on the court for many hours and I have two weeks to prepare. But now we have to talk about this tournament, in Rome, which is one of the most important of my career “.

Physical wear and tear: “We are prepared and I have had a very hard week. I do not think that what happens today in the tournament will have a decisive impact tomorrow. I have spent many hours of tension and physical and mental demands as well. I have a lot on me and tomorrow I have to do my best game if I want to win. “

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