Castellón remains on the edge of the abyss

The first league match with an audience in Spain left Castellón on the verge of relegation after the victory in Castalia by 0-2 of Ponferradina, who took advantage of local errors to prevail in a match in which the Albinegros did not find their way to the goal and that they are at the mercy of Sabadell and Logroñés so as not to fall into decline.

Castellón came out ready to impose their rhythm and look for the opposite goal. The first occasion was local at the feet of Rubén Díez although his shot from the edge of the area ended in a corner kick just a minute from the start.
On the right and left wing, the local team gave depth to their game causing numerous problems for Ponferradina, although without hitting the final meters. Ortuño tried it first with a high shot; like Jorge Fernández with a personal move that would end with a shot up from the edge of the area.

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Little game offered the Ponferradina that only limited itself to avoid the danger on its goal. The only occasion, isolated, was from Juergen, although his shot from inside the box went off Whalley’s left post.
Juan Carlos Garrido’s team proposed on the ground and sought the opposite goal but without success. Both shots from Iago Indias and Juanto Ortuño did not find the way to the goal either, preventing their fans from celebrating the first goal in Castalia after fourteen months.

In one of the few approaches to the Castellón area of ​​Ponferradina, a rejection after a bad clearance by Sené was used by Óscar Selva to overtake his team, sending a ball that had remained dead near the point of goal to the back of the net. penalty and when both teams were already thinking of reaching a draw at the end of the first forty-five minutes.

The Albinegros continued leading the initiative at the start of the second half. Juan Carlos Garrido’s men tried in all ways, locking Ponferradina in their field but without success in the final meters.
Ortuño was the reference and the one who had the main opportunities. His momentum was not rewarded with two shots in the first ten minutes that were diverted from the goal.

The VAR had to enter to judge a hand in the visiting area, although the ball hit the arm that was located below the shoulder, which Trujillo Suárez considered was not a maximum penalty, since the Ponferradina defender was with his back to the ball.

The match was broken and turned into a continuous round trip, with a Castellón overturned in the rival area. César Díaz tried with a cross shot that went away and lost through injury, with serious gestures of pain with knee problems, to Jorge Fernández.

The best local chance came in a throw-in that Víctor García put in front of the small area. Bodiger finished off and the ball hit the post. The rejection ended in the vicinity of Ortuño who sent the ball very high.
And the response from Ponferradina came on a double occasion from Valcarce that he did not take advantage of to sentence. First in a one-on-one against Whalley which he defeated, but Carles Salvador avoided the goal, while a few seconds later another shot from the striker was repelled by Whalley for a corner.

With Castellón turned on the goal of Manu García, after a corner kick a counterattack with two forwards from El Bierzo for two Castellón defenders was used, now, by Valcarce to send the hand-in-hand against Whalley to the back of the net and sentencing a match that leaves CD Castellón on the verge of relegation.

Data sheet:

0 – Castellón: Whalley; Lapeña, Víctor (Marc Mateu, m.64), Iago Indias (Carles Salvador, m.64), Gálvez; Bodiger, Sené; Arturo (César Díaz, m.64), Jorge Fernández (Cubillas, m.54), Rubén Díez and Ortuño.

2 – Ponferradine: Manu García; Iván, Río Reina (Moi Delgado, m.74), Dori, Pascanu; Selva (Aguza, .74), Morán, Curro (Doncel, m.65), Juergen (Crespo, m.56); Yuri (Kaxe, m.65) and Valcarce.

Goals: 0-1, m.44: Jungle. 0-2, m.87: Valcarce.

Referee: Trujillo Suárez (Tenerife Committee). He admonished Bodiger and Gálvez for CD Castellón.
Incidents: Match played at the Castalia stadium, the first in the professional league in Spain with fans in the stands, with a total of 2,640, local spectators and 24º of temperature.

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