Nadal: “I have never lost the illusion and the spirit of work”

Happy to win his 89th title, at the Melbourne ATP 250 after beating the American Maxime Cressy, Rafa Nadal in the final He spoke to the media to explain his feelings and his expectations for the imminent Australian Open (January 17-30).

19 years followed by titles: “Well, it is many years, right? Obviously after all, the years that we have been, and also after many physical problems that I have been having and that I have had to face, because it means a lot to have one more year at least winning a title. It’s something special. Winning is always special whatever tournament it is and in the end it is one more title for my resume. “

Complicated months: “Very happy for it and also very happy for where we come from, for all the work we have done. I think I have had my family, the team unconditionally during all these months that have really been very, very complicated. there have been many doubts, there still are, we are not going to fool ourselves. In the end this is only the beginning, but it is a positive beginning and I am really very satisfied “.

Personal satisfaction: “I am not very to say it, but I think that in some way I am quite satisfied on a personal level, because I have gone through many difficult moments and the truth is that I have never lost the illusion and the spirit of work with a suitable attitude. Reap the reward with a title it is always worth it. “

Good performance: “Today’s game was the best of the week without any doubt for me, honestly. I had a very good training week, especially considering that I had to be at home for 10 days without being able to go out, without being able to train. I think the week of preparation, putting it in context, has been fantastic. Afterwards the level of tennis during the competition has not been so good, especially in the first two matches. There have been more doubts as is logical too. We are not leaving To deceive, I did not expect to get here and play at a very high level after everything that has happened, but today it was a very positive game against an opponent who was very uncomfortable, very difficult to be honest. And I have done many things Good. I served and subtracted well, I was good from the bottom, I think I played the points in a much more leisurely way, with much more courage when hitting the ball. The movements were more fluid and in general I made many better things than I did that day to previous “.

Trust and expectations: “I trust that this will help me to look forward with positivism, to gather energy also for this week of training that is going to be important. It is a day to enjoy the title not to think much beyond, about the Australian Open. I know I come in a very complicated situation and I understand that expectations are always high because in the end I have achieved what I have achieved in my career, but I come with a approach a tad different, to try to make it serve me every day, every training session. And to this day, I do not feel like a real candidate for what may come in a week. Afterwards, you never know. Things change fast in sports and then I have to do is be prepared for what may happen. If things get better, well here I will be and as always and because you know me, you know that I am going to give my best and try to give myself the options. I’m here for a reason, but my only goal is to continue on my way, to work well throughout the week and to see if I arrive well prepared. “

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