Nadal: “I don’t know if I’ll play until I’m 40; but if I have a good time …”

Rafa Nadal, against Gasquet at Roland Garros.

Rafa Nadal addressed the media in an express press conference via telematics, since it was already 23:45 after his victory in the new Roland Garros night session against Richard Gasquet.

Play at night: “Last year it was very cold when I played at night. Today it was very humid, because it had to rain and it hasn’t. That’s why it was muggy and the conditions were tough. Playing without an audience is ugly and, even more so, at night, But in the end you play on one of the most impressive courts in the world and in a very important tournament for me. Although there is no public and the conditions are not perfect in that sense, it is a very important game and I take it that way. None negative feeling and being with the right attitude. “

Gifts and play until age 40: “I have not received any gifts, we are in a bubble and we cannot receive anything. The only gift is that my family has come to see me, although only to the game because they cannot see them outside, I have seen them in the stands. illusion to turn 35, I preferred to continue with 34. But this is the reality. I do not know if I see myself playing until 40. If I have a good time and my body allows it, I do not have a date for withdrawal nor do I consider it. 25 I would never have imagined being 35 here. I thought I’d been retired for a long time. It’s hard to reach 40, but for now I’m happy doing what I do, we’ll see what the future holds in every way. “

Better during the day ?: “Nor did I have much to do tonight other than read, watch a series or play Parcheesi with the team, I can’t go out to dinner. I like to play more during the day, there is no doubt about that, because I like the conditions more for me. I play and there is some audience. It is more pleasant and better for me. Beyond that, I adapt. He has played me at night and I trust that he will play me again during the day and can play in front of people “

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