Jasikevicius’s anger: “We think they are going to give it to us … and no”

With the same annoyed face that he spent during a good part of the game, watching Barça’s gray performance at the Badalona Olympics, Barça coach Saras Jasikevicius avoided making excuses for his team’s bad game. When the Movistar + microphones spoke to him of fatigue as a possible explanation for the defeat, he immediately cut the theory: “If you’re tired, they escape you in the last quarter …”, he said in reference to a Barça that seemed out of match from minute 1.

Jasikevicius influenced the attitude and the ‘soft’ mentality that Barça showed compared to their rival: “Maybe we left thinking that they are going to give us victory … and no”. The Lithuanian coach is already beginning to think about the decisive tie-breaker: “There is one game left and we have to recover.”

With the public, the better

On the Badalonese side, both Ferran Bassas, author of a spectacular match, and coach Carles Duran influenced the role of the public, for the first time present in this Endesa League. “We missed the public, it has helped us a lot. Let’s see if we can repeat Saturday, ”Bassas recalled. “Are you sure there were a thousand? There seemed to be five thousand, joked Duran, who spoke of an “exemplary party” of La Penya. “That Barça has stayed at 63 points indicates that we have been out of ten. We have been very good, at the level you need to beat a team as powerful as Barça. But now we go to the Palau. Let’s see if we can repeat this there “

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