MLB free agents prior to the start of the 2022 Major League Baseball Season; what will happen to these stars and where will they play?

Everything you need to know about MLB Free Agents: where...

OROnce it seems that the bosses’ conflict in the Major Leagues has come to an end, It is time to take a look at the sports issue, where there is more than one player who is a free agent and who draws the attention of the entire league.

The 2022 season would start in early April, so There is less than a month left for these players to reach an agreement with a franchise and report to Spring Training to get ready.

The shortstop has become an emblem since his debut with the Houston Astros in 2015, where he averaged a batting of .277 with 133 home runs, 781 hits and 489 RBIs.

His figures and his leadership raise the interest of teams like the Orioles, Yankees and, incredible as it may seem, even the Los Angeles Dodgers, although it looks complicated by that signal theft scandal.

The emblematic starting pitcher of the Dodgers is another of the most desired pieces in this free agency and, Although his departure from the champion team in 2020 looks complicated, the Rangers could be thinking of getting him back.

The champion with the Atlanta Braves is one of the players that teams are looking for the most and that is is on the wish list of the Yankees, Dodgers, Rays, Blue Jays and Mets after a season in which he hit .300.

After being traded by the Cubs to the New York Yankees, Anthony Rizzo is another of the players who are in free agency and, although could stay with the Bronx Bombers, there is talk of options like the Brewers.

Nelson Cruz has decided not to retire yet and the Dominican himself has indicated in several interviews that has at least five offers from different teams to play the 2022 campaign of the Big Top.

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