Mike Trout blames Rob Manfred: “Instead of negotiating a fair deal, Manfred canceled the games”

Mike Trout blames MLB for the league lockout.

Lto MLB remains on hiatus until further notice. The 2022 season had a delay in its start, which was scheduled for March 31, due to the lack of an agreement for the new collective contract, leaving the owners and the Players Union in a constant confrontation.

One of the many voices that have come out to defend the players is the Angels outfielder, Mike Trout, who claimed that the blame that the season was suspended was up to the owners and the Commissioner Rob Manfred.

“Instead of negotiating in good faith, MLB blocked us. Instead of negotiating a fair deal, Rob (Manfred) canceled the games.”he wrote on his Twitter account.

Trout stressed that the players are focused on returning and that the negotiations are also focused on the future of the league.

“The players are united, for our game, for our fans and for all the players who come after us. It is our duty to future generations.”

Owners and players were expected to continue negotiations. to prevent more games from being suspended from the season, which so far are the first series, but there is still no progress on the new ABC.

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