Major League Baseball players create $1 million fund to help stadium and facility workers

The Players Union creates a fund to support workers...

JMajor League players created a $1 million fund to help affected workers for the cancellation of matches as a result of the bosses’ strike.

The players union announced Friday that the fund will be managed by the union itself and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).. The money will be distributed among workers in the stadiums and other facilities who have been economically affected by the ninth work stoppage in baseball, which reaches its 92nd day.

Preseason games could not start on February 26, as planned according to the original schedule. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred canceled the first two regular-season series for each team on Tuesday.scheduled to start the March 31st.

“Many have not been heard or seen, but they are vital to the entertainment experience of our matches,” Andrew Miller and Max Scherzer, members of the players’ union board, said in a statement. “Unfortunately, they will also be among those affected by the owner-imposed lockout and game cancellations. Through this fund we want to make them see that they have our support.”

The union named broadcast and concession crews, electricians, ushers, as well as security, transportation and cleaning personnel among those needed for Major League games.

“This fund is intended to support the workers, who are the most affected by this lockout imposed by the Major Leagues.s but whose livelihoods have been ignored by the owners in their efforts to pressure players into accepting an unfair deal,” union president Tony Clark said in a statement.

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