Messi and the message in which he refers to his future

As long as the future of Leo Messi is still on the air, the Argentine star shared a message on his Instagram account. A message that, depending on how you interpret it, can even lead the Culé fan to intuit the decision of the ’10’ on his renewal or departure from the club.

In the middle of an unparalleled fight in recent years for LaLiga, the FC Barcelona captain has left a phrase that undoubtedly sums up his love for football. In an Adidas campaign, Messi has written in his personal account: “Where others see greatness, I see the opportunity to be grateful for all that this game has given me “, a motivating phrase that exemplifies the passion with which Leo plays or his real reason why he loves football, regardless of trophies or money. And in this sense, there are many positive readings that are being taken in the Barça context and that lead to the final idea that Leo will renew with Barça beyond listening to other important offers from outside in which he could earn more money.

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The numbers, without a doubt, give him the reason, and that is that this second round, without the pressure of the beginning of the course, Messi is showing his best version: He has already added 25 league goals, two more than the previous season, and his Barça, with one game less than their rivals, is just one win away from usurping Atlético’s lead.

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