Marcelo may miss the Champions League return due to the elections in Madrid

Zinedine Zidane could count on another unexpected loss for the return leg of the Champions League semifinals at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea.

It is about Marcelo, who, according to El Mundo, has been chosen to be at a polling station for the elections to the presidency of the Community of Madrid on May 4, and He could not travel with his teammates for the game in London on the 5th at 9:00 p.m.

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For now, both the club and the player have presented a letter justifying the trip, but it has been rejected by the Electoral Board, something that will be used to make the most of this process. The Board, for its part, defends that the footballer can travel on the same Wednesday of the tie, but the Covid-19 protocols make this route impractical. The draw for the table was on April 5, before knowing if Madrid would play this match, as they played the first leg of the quarter-finals against Liverpool the next day in Valdebebas. The appointees, according to the summons, had seven days to present justified allegations about not being able to be at the table. If this period is passed, the regulations indicate that the allegations are resolved “within five days.”

Both Madrid and Marcelo have less than a week to be able to find a solution to the conflict and that the Brazilian can be in the semifinal round before the loss of Mendy.

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