Major League Baseball, the only sport in which a champion does not repeat this millennium: not even the Dodgers and their 267 million get it

The Dodgers can't break the curse of the two-time MLB champion: ...

ANDn two days marks the 20th anniversary of Game 5 of the 2000 World Series, when the Yankees were crowned at Shea Stadium against the Mets to get their fourth title in five years and third in a row.

Since that Metro Series, no team has been a two-time major league baseball champion. In no other major sports in the United States, including the NCAA.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were the new victims of the Curse of the Two-Time Champion. They were the favorites to win the ring at the start of the regular season (FanGraphs gave them a 22.6% chance of winning), but his season ended at the hands of the Braves in Atlanta on Saturday.

The injuries and casualties could with the team. Trevor bauerThe offseason acquisition, he was removed from the team for much of the year on a sexual assault charge. Clayton kershaw did not pitch in the postseason due to injury. Max scherzer, the trade deadline signing, was unable to pitch Game 6 against the Braves due to injury.

So despite having the largest roster in the majors this season and one of the largest in history, with 267.2 million,, the Dodgers were unable to reach the World Series to defend their title. The 2000 Yankees remain the last two-time champions in baseball.

Major League Baseball is the only sports that does not have a two-time champion team this millennium. The Yankees They came close to doing so when they lost seven games to the Diamondbacks in 2001. Philadelphia Phillies they won in 2008, but lost in 2009 to the Yankees in six games.

Rangers and Dodgers lost consecutive World Series (2010 and 2011 for Texas, 2017 and 2018 for Los Angeles), while the Royals they won in 2015 after losing seven games to San Francisco in 2014.

MLB: none

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