Laso: “We have to turn the page quickly”

Pablo Laso, coach of the Real Madrid, commented in the preview of the fourth game of the playoff against him Anadolu efes (1-2) that “in the series, the teams are obliged to change things.” “We are in a best-of-five series. Obviously, we are happy with Tuesday’s victory because the team made a great effort that was reflected in the final, when we were right and we were able to turn around a game that had become very difficult, “he said. Laso.

“But we are still 2-1, we are behind in the tie and we are playing against a great team. We have to turn the page quickly and think about the fourth game ”, added the coach to the club’s media.

In each game the Real Madrid has been proposing different solutions. “In the series, the teams are forced to change things. We are at a time of the season when many of the things you do in games are already prepared, whether you use them or not. In that sense, the team was very focused and very good, “he said.

“Surely the Efes Something can and will change, although they have a sense of mastery of the game that we already saw there, with a lot of success, a lot of blocking and continuation, and players capable of scoring and generating play. You have to be prepared, knowing that it will be a different match from the one we have seen in the previous three, “he continued.

Regarding the possibility that Walter Tavares can play, the coach pointed out that we would have to wait until the last moment. “At this point in the season all the teams are physically fair. Yesterday we made a great effort and today we have to recover. As to Tavares, we stick to what we had talked about on Tuesday. We have to wait to see how he and the rest are doing ”, he concluded. Pablo Laso.

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