Laso: “We had a lot of whiplash”

The coach of the Real Madrid, Pablo Laso, has blamed the defeat suffered by his team this Sunday against the Valencia Basket Because the accumulated fatigue that they dragged weighed down in a match that they considered decisive.

“We had a lot of matches in the last thirty or forty days,” the Vitorian coach recalled in the subsequent press conference after congratulating his rival.

“The game was quite clear, our staging was quite weak, missing shots and without making any fault in the first quarter. They have taken an advantage that has been key because the last three quarters have been more even but they have managed to manage well ”, he summarized.

The coach said they should forget the game quickly and focus on finishing the game well. Endesa League, something for which he believes that being able to rest and train will be key.

“Any day of rest and training we appreciate it. It is a season with a very demanding calendar and all I think about is getting the boys back and being able to train. This is like a car, you take it, you take it and you take it and in the end you have to stop to put gas. To rest and train is to put gasoline on the crash ”, he pointed out.

The Vitorian was satisfied with the integration of the French Vincent Poirier. “It is not easy to arrive with the season started and every day we see it better. There are good and bad things but it is part of how he has to enter the team, “said Laso, who recalled that he has not yet been able to play with Edy tavares and that the team has been “involved in another war”, referring to a Euroleague that could not play.

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