2,000 tickets, pre-registration to reserve them and direct flight for 500 euros

Fernando Roig has explained this Friday the preparations for the Gdansk final. The club will currently have 2,000 tickets and will organize a trip to Poland:

“This morning we have already been in contact with UEFA and with the Federation, with its president Luis Manuel Rubiales, in order to get as many tickets as possible. UEFA gives 2000 tickets to each club. Hence, of course, some will have to be reserved for sponsors, but this amount will be available to fans. But I’m sure we’ll get more… “

More information

  • “There are three Englishmen and a little Spaniard called Villarreal.”

  • Pau, the ‘xiquet del poble’, wants the title.

  • Villarreal reaches the final of the Europa League.

  • There will be 9,500 spectators and 2,000 will be from Vila-real.

“The president of RFEF has said that of those he has, the priority will be Villarreal fans”

“The idea is an organized round trip day trip with planes from Castell√≥n airport. We will study prices. Tickets will be 40 and others 90 euros and the trip will be around 500 euros not including entry. There will also be a trip the day before with a hotel night, but at a different price “

“We are going to open a pre-registration of 50 euros and if the club did not get tickets that money would be returned. Starting today, you can sign up at the club by pre-registering. There is until Wednesday the 12th to pre-register “

“Those who travel will have to carry out the PCR between Monday and Tuesday of the week of the match or each on their own or the club will enable the necessary means with a laboratory here. They will give us a very good price and from here we will press them. Those of us who will be vaccinated will not need PCR “

“Everything we do is going to seem unfair. Subscribers are going to prevail and we are also going to give priority to the attendance of the 19/20 season. The age of the season will count and if not, pure draw, although I think with these two criteria will suffice “

“If we take away the sporting value of football we will not let a city like Vila-real with 51,000 inhabitants dream. The reaction of the English fans has confirmed it …”

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