Laprovittola: “I can lead and play in top-level teams”

Laprovittola he is not afraid of the great challenges that lie ahead. The Argentine point guard considers that he is prepared to play and even lead top-level teams in European basketball and this was stated from Las Vegas, where he has been preparing for a few days to participate in the Games with his team.

“I really appreciate what I did this season. I showed myself that I can lead and play in top-level teams, “he said Laprovittola in statements released by the Confederation Argentina this week at the start of the rally.

The base of Hummock has seen his continuity in Real Madrid ruled out as announced this past Thursday by the white club and everything indicates that he will be one of the new incorporations of the Barça by Jasikevicius. Laprovittola he values ​​the season in Madrid as “rare”, with situations that he was not used to living.

“Even so, we have reached defining and important instances. We were not lucky enough to win the title but I am happy and satisfied. I showed myself that I can lead teams that compete to be European and ACB champions. I really appreciate what I did, ”he said.

The arrival of Laprovittola Barça could coincide with the departure of Víctor Claver, player with whom he shares a representative in Spain.

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