Kiermaier hits 93 mph pitch in revenge for card theft

Kevin Kiermaier was hit in the back by Borucki's ball.

TEvery bench in the game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays this Wednesday got up and stopped the game after A pitch by Toronto pitcher Ryan Borucki hit Kevin Kiermaier in the back, who was at bat. Among the boo of the Rays fans, all the players entered the field while Tamba Bay coach Kevin Cash yelled furiously for Borucki’s expulsion, which was granted.

At the time of the break, in the eighth inning, the Rays were beating the Blue Jays by a comfortable score of 7-1, marking their second win against Toronto since Monday’s game, which they won 6-4. generated a lot of tension between the two teams because Kevin Kiermaier took the game card from Blue Jays catcher Alejandro Kirk, after dropping it.

The pitcher Borucki stated that it was all an accident although he also said that Kiermaier shouldn’t have taken Kirk’s data sheet. Regardless of what the pitcher said, the MLB could sanction him if it determines that the player did it intentionally.

Besides Borucki, Blue Jays coach Pete Walker was also sent off of the game for arguing with the umpires.

The tension between the two teams, rivals of the East Division of the American League, came when just under 2 weeks left until the end of the regular season of baseball. With the victory of this Wednesday, the Rays qualified for their third postseason consecutive.

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