Julio Urías looks again and remains undefeated in the Dodgers’ victory over Brewers

Julio Urías remains undefeated this season with the Dodgers.

ANDl Mexican Julio Urías struck out 10 in one run, AJ Pollock drove in eight races and Matt Beatty seven on Sunday, both with grand slams, in the lopsided victory for the Los Angeles Dodgers 16-4 over the Milwaukee Brewers.

The left-handed Urías (4-0), 24, gave up four walkless hits in seven innings to maintain his undefeated step this season.

Pollock finished with two homers and a double, while Beaty was 6-for-4 at bat and scored three runs. They both hit their grand slams to throw Alec Bettinger, who received 11 runs on his debut in the majors after never before pitching in a division higher than Double A.

This was the first time in the history of the franchise that the Dodgers have two players with at least seven runs driven in the same game. The last time it happened for a Major League team was on August 22, 2007, when Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Puerto Rican Ramon Vázquez drove in seven runs for the Texas Rangers in a 30-3 beating of the Baltimore Orioles.

The last time two Dodgers players hit grand slams in the same game was when the Dominican Adrián Beltré and Shawn Green They joined forces in a 12-3 victory over the Florida Marlins on May 21, 2000.

For the Dodgers, Edwin Ríos 2-0. The Mexican Julio Urías 4-0.

For the Brewers, Venezuelan Avisaíl García 4-2 with an RBI. The Mexican Luis Urías 3-1. The Dominican Pablo Reyes 4-1 with scored.

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