Instituto San Martín beat him again and was one step away from the final

In the stadium Angel Sandrin and for Game 2 of the semifinals of The National Basketball League, Institute won by 90-84 a San Martin and now he’s fronting for 2-0 in the series.

La Gloria started off on the wrong foot and lost the first quarter 26-18. In the second period, he was 14 points down on the scoreboard (30-44), but began to raise his head with a 7-0 run before going into the break.

In the third quarter, which they dominated 29-19, the locals let go and showed all their hierarchy to take the lead. And in the last period, apart from the fact that the game was only resolved at the last minute, he did not suffer major shocks to stay with the victory.

The group led by Lucas Victoriano relied on dominance in the paint (42-22 in points in the zone) and took advantage of the rival’s 11 losses to add 22 units (San Martín only registered four points as a result of the five losses of Institute ).

In addition, the Cordoba team scored 16 of the 18 free throws they took, while the visit ended with just two conversions from the line of sighs. In any case, it should be noted that the cast led by Diego Vadell was on fire from long distance: he hit 18 of the 37 three-pointers he shot (48% effective).

Nicolás Romano was Instituto’s top scorer with 19 points, which he accompanied with seven rebounds. On the opposite side, Santiago Ferreyra led his team with 20 points and six assists. The key will continue next Thursday in Corrientes.

Photo: Leandro Gomez / Press Institute

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