Inopportune blackout in the Atlanta pavilion after Young’s 3-pointer

The Atlanta Hawks pavilion suffered an untimely blackout in the loss of the hosts in Game 6 of the Conference Semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers, who forced Game 7 of the tie last night with a 99-104 victory.

Two minutes from the end, right after a trippy from Trae Young, the lights of the Georgia flag faded and blew up the Hawks’ stands, overturned with their team 93-94 on the scoreboard.

The Sixers were about to attack and went blind, forcing the game to pause for a couple of minutes.

The unexpected stoppage did not affect the dynamics of a tight match that was resolved in the final seconds from the free throw line. The moment was curious and arouse the roar of the stands, who responded by illuminating the pavilion with the flashlights of mobile phones.

Fortunately, the technical problem was solved quickly, although the locals could not get a slice of it.

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