Independiente approaches the final, Emelec moves away from the direct title of soccer in Ecuador

Guayaquil (Ecuador), Sep 19 (EFE) .- The Independiente del Valle extended this Sunday the advantage and the possibility to dispute the final for the 2021 title against the winner of the first phase, Emelec, who stayed 5 points behind the Independiente, who is 19, at the end of the seventh date of the second phase in Ecuador.

The Matagigantes, as they also say to Independiente, had defeated Universidad Católica 1-3 last Monday, with scores from the attackers Júnior Sornoza, José Angulo and the tournament’s top scorer, with 18 goals, the Argentine Jonathan Bauman, discounted the midfielder Diego Armas.

The second in the standings, Emelec, lost today 3-2 in his visit to Liga de Quito, which with the victory also added 14 points.

Liga elaborated its victory with goals from Uruguayan midfielder Santiago Scotto, and defenders Kevin Merca and Andreson Ordóñez.

They discounted for Emelec with an own goal in Quito’s defense Anderson Ordóñez and midfielder José Francisco Cevallos, who in the final part of the match crashed the ball in the vertical and the crossbar to shots, in his turn Joao Rojas and then Marlon Mejía.

Meanwhile, the advantage that Independiente del Valle has taken to Barcelona is 7 points, when eight games remain, so the Barcelona fans will still cling to the option of retaining the title they won last year.

Barcelona’s 3-2 triumph over Deportivo Cuenca allowed them to accumulate 12 points, after the outstanding performance of Uruguayan striker Gonzalo Mastriani, who after the goal he had scored for the temporary 2-2 draw, repeated in the last action of the match .

Argentine midfielder Sergio López converted the other Barça player and Argentine attackers Federico Jourdan and Juan Muriel Orlando scored for Deportivo Cuenca, finishing thirteenth with 5 points.

The absence of the Panamanian striker José Fajardo, affected by the covid-19, took its toll on October 9, which drew 1-1 with Macará at home, with controversial arbitration from Franklin Congo, prior to the October midfielder Danny’s goal. Luna, the ball apparently left the playing field, Congo and his assistants did not notice, and Macará equalized with a penalty from attacker Ronald Champang.

On October 9 he was fourth, with 12 points, and Macará fifteenth, with 5.

Guayaquil City squandered the opportunity to reach second place, losing 2-0 to Orense and finishing third, with 13 points, and Orense dropped from the bottom, accumulating 10 points and jumping to ninth place.

The defender Gabriel Achilier converted the first from Orense and the attacker Edson Montaño the second.

Aucas won by 1-2 and deepened the football crisis of Delfín, which was placed twelfth, with 6 points, while Aucas reached eighth place, with 10 points.

Delfín went ahead with a goal from attacker Jostin Alman, Aucas came back with goals from defender Richard Mina and midfielder Johnny Quiñónez.

The victory of the date was given by Mushuc Runa by 2-5 in his visit to the bottom Olmedo, with doublets by the Argentine Santiago Giordana and the Colombian Miguel Murillo, the other goal was from Bagner Delgado, discounted Kevin Rivera and Renny Cabezas.

Mushuc Runa had 6 points and was eleventh and Olmedo, last with one point.

University Technician, ranked tenth with 10 points, after the home draw 0-0 against Manta, who was second to last, with two points.

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