If major advances in the race against time to rescue the Major League season

Players and MLB will meet on Wednesday for the third day at the...

Another day of negotiations fizzled out on Tuesdaywhen the players proposed what they considered a small step to save the opening date of the baseball campaignand the leaders of the Major Leagues believed that the approach was a new setback.

The clubs proposed again that a federal mediator intervenes in the negotiations, but the union immediately rejected that idea. Thus, the Major Leagues are heading for game cancellation regular season due to a labor dispute, something that happened because of last time in 1995.

Less than a week left until Monday, the date set by the leaders as a deadline to reach an agreement that allows open the regular season on the scheduled date of March 31.

The players have not said if they coincide with that deadline, and the impression remains that both parties are waiting for time pressure is greater for the opposing side to make major concessions.

However, the two parties agreed to meet this Wednesday, for the third consecutive day. On this date, it will be 84 days since the employer’s strike, which already constitutes the ssecond-largest business interruption in baseball history.

The players made a small concession to the leaders on Tuesdayin his proposal for a longer period of eligibility for the salary arbitration. They cut him down to the top 75% by service time in the group of players with at least two seasons in the majors but fewer than three.

Last week, the union dropped its previous requirement that all players with two years of service be eligible — the level in effect from 1974-86. Instead, it proposed that the top 80% of the group be eligible.

The clubs have warned that any movement in this direction is irrelevant.. Major League Baseball has warned that they will never agree to any increase in eligibility.

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