Ibai Llanos, wanting to go to Mercadona with Fernando Alonso after his excitement for the supermarket goes viral

Ibai Llanos and Fernando Alonso

Ibai Llanos and Fernando Alonso
Ibai Llanos and Fernando Alonso

By work and magic of social networks, some strange statements of Fernando Alonso 2017 have returned to the forefront of news. During a live on instagram prior to his first participation in the Indianapolis 500, the Spanish pilot confessed that one of his hidden passions is going to the Supermarket.

Fernando Alonso, at the Le Mans circuit with the Alpine F1

Fernando Alonso makes history at Le Mans: the first time a Formula 1 takes a lap on the complete circuit

“I have to say that it is one of the things that I like the most. I like to go to the supermarket, go your own way. See what you feel like at that moment, what are you going to cook, what is needed at home … “, explains an Alonso, who gets tangled up in his words and ends up saying that” it is always exciting “to go to buy towels because they are worn, wrapping paper or something to repair the exterior from your home. “Things that are absolutely normal, for me I enjoy them as if they were gold, because I don’t do them every day of the year”, Alonso concludes the cut.

These words have generated numerous comments, including that of one of the men of the moment: Ibai Llanos. The streamer has reacted to this viral video with a confession: “The desire I have to go with Fernando Alonso right now to Mercadona is impressive.”

While this video returned to the present time, Alonso was at the Le Mans circuit making history with an exhibition. The Asturian was the first driver to make a complete lap of the La Sarthe circuit at the wheel of a Formula 1.

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