“I take it for granted that Djokovic will play in Australia and that he has been vaccinated”

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic greet each other after the final of the 2017 Qatar Open in Doha.

Andy Murray has been the last tennis figure to comment on the possibility of Novak Djokovic attending the Australian Open despite Serbian opposition to vaccines and after Djokovic appeared on the tournament entry list offered by the Australian Open.

In a statement made to the Scottish newspaper Press & Journal, Murray assures that, if Djokovic appears in that list, it is because he has already been vaccinated to play. “I don’t know what the situation is with Novak. The last thing I saw is that he was on the entry list, and I assume that he will play and that he has already been vaccinated. They have told us that we have to follow the rules, that if you want to play, you have to be vaccinated, so I take it for granted that Djokovic has been vaccinated. “

The Scotsman hopes that Djokovic’s presence in the tournament will be confirmed definitively, since the Australian Open is one of the great events on the calendar in which, in addition, the Serbian can make history. “Of course everyone wants the best players to play in the biggest tournaments. That makes the tournaments more interesting and he also has a chance to win and break a record by winning his 21st Grand Slam. His record here is incredible so I hope Djokovic comes to Australia. “

Murray also analyzed how he faces the 2022 season in which he will work with Jan de Witt and how these first training sessions have been before participating in the Abu Dhabi exhibition tournament, where he will coincide with Rafa Nadal. “The adaptation with Jan de Witt is being good. I did not play the Davis Cup, so I have had two more weeks to train and I have started before many other players. I will head to Abu Dhabi to play the tournament but I will also train for a few days before there on outside tracks. I have already trained here in Scotland on indoor tracks and I have also felt good. I’ve done a good job and I feel fit. “

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