How much will it cost players and MLB not to play the entire season because of the lockout?

How much money do the Major Leagues and the players lose for the...

ANDn the near future, the costs of the lockout will be real: Max Scherzer would let go of $232,975 for each gameor from the regular season that he does not play. Gerrit Cole would lose 193,548.

When considering last year’s salaries, which totaled 3.8 billionthe players would lose a total of 20.5 million for each day that the calendar is not played of 186 days of regular season.

MLB warned the players’ association that they would have to reach an agreement on Monday, February 28, to start the season as scheduled, on March 31, and keep the 162-game schedule. An extension of a few hours was given, but on Tuesday the news broke that there is no news: there is no agreement.

A player who charges minimum wage of $630,000, proposed the clubs, would leave losing $3,387 for every day you don’t play. The amount increases to 4,167 with the union’s offer of $775,000.

Although the health insurance expires on March 31 for players who played last season, the union assured that it will continue to make payments to continue coverage.

It is more complicated to calculate the losses for the owners of the 30 teams if not all the games are played, but they estimate a similar amount.

Clubs will lose earnings from broadcasts and money from ticket sales.

The stoppage could have a cost for future seasons due to major league service time that would not carry over. If 15 days of the regular season are missed, players’ free agency eligibility will be pushed back a year unless the board agrees to give credit if they come to an agreement, which hasn’t happened in the past.

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