MLB Employer Strike: why the start of the season would be delayed and what are the differences between players and owners

What is the MLB Patronal Strike, who participates and what is sought in...

On December 2For the first time in more than a quarter of a century, Major League Baseball went into a lockoutafter the owners chose to carry out this ‘strike’ at the end of the collective bargaining agreement.

It’s been almost 90 days since thenmore than a hundred since the Atlanta Braves won the World Series and there is no progress, reaching the date that the owners put as a limit to start the season on time, so it will be the fourth time Major League Baseball has canceled games.

The differences between the players and the owners are multiple and there are no major advances so far, so the negotiations. ANDa several weeks of Spring Training were canceled, several preseason games and Opening Day would be movedexcept for a radical change of positions and for the multiple differences that still exist to be reduced.

The players union proposed $775,000 annually, while the owners raised their proposal to $640,000. It was $570,500 in 2021.

Technically called CBT (Competitive Balance Taxcompetitive balance tax), is a penalty for teams that exceed the maximum spending limit, which in 2021 was 230 million and the penalty for beating him was 20% for each dollar up to 230 million, 32% from 230 to 250 and 62.5% above 250.

The last collective bargaining agreement, which took effect in 2017, divided local and national revenues, with some disputes such as revenues around new stadiums, such as Busch in St. Louis, where there are real estate and commercial developments that are only for the owners.

The income is distributed among the teams, 48% of the income of each franchise is assigned to a common fund and the proportional part of the total is distributed to the 30 clubs.

Players arrive in the Major Leagues as foreign prospects or in the Draft, usually on low contracts. Between three and six years of servicewhich is earned by spending 172 days on the roster in a campaign, can negotiate a better contract, in a process known as salary arbitration.

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