Home Run Derby, live: the MLB home run contest 2021 live online


In case you are new to enjoying the best Baseball on the planet, we will tell you the basic home run derby rules

1 The format is direct elimination, batters face each other to meet the best of each duel.

2 If the batter hits two home runs over 440 feet in a round you are given an extra 30 seconds to keep playing.

3 The batters has a time limit of 45 seconds, while in the final they have 2 timeouts.

4 If there are ties, the winner is decided in a 1 minute round per batter, if this continues each one will have 3 swings to win.

So that you do not lose detail these are the bombers that will bring out their feats on the diamond during the Hom Run Derby:

Shohei Ohtani, (Angels)

Juan Soto, (Nationals)

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