From F1 circuit to shanty town: 50 people occupy the 100 million euro Valencian track

Valencia F1 Circuit

Valencia F1 Circuit
Valencia F1 Circuit

Fifty men of Sahrawi origin, the majority with current residence and work permits, live in a shanty town on the asphalt of what was the Valencia Formula 1 street circuit.

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According to a report from the Social Welfare and Integration Service of the Valencia City Council, provided by the council itself, this settlement is included in the Precarious Housing Census since November 2019, when only seven people were counted in it.

Since then the number of inhabitants has been increasing and this summer there were census 39 individuals, practically entirely men, to whom it was necessary to add among 10 and 12 people that they had not yet provided data and therefore they had not been included in the census.

Following the action recommendations of the Social Services in the face of the Covid-19 crisis in Segregated Settlements of the Secretary of State for Social Rights, a Comprehensive Attention Team (EAI), despite the confinement, carried out visits to city settlements to quantify its inhabitants and make a diagnosis of their needs.


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Among these shanty towns visited is the one located in the Formula 1 Circuit, corresponding to the area of ​​action of the Municipal Center of Social Services (CMSS) of Nazaret. The occupants of this settlement are men of Saharawi origin, for which coordination has been maintained with the CEPAIM Foundation, according to the same sources.

The mediation actions that have been carried out in this settlement have focused on bringing its residents closer to the different protection systems, health, social services or employment. In addition to including them in the Precarious Housing Census, they have been advised to register in Labora and have been accompanied to the SEPE to request benefits, in addition to being assisted and making joint visits with the CMSS of Nazaret staff.

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Likewise, a Accompaniment and application for the Valencian Inclusion Income and assisted in the management of the different procedures to be able to access the health system, in addition to being referred to the Social Work department of the Primary Health Care Center.

They have also been explained the preventive measures recommended by health authorities due to the covid pandemic and different mediation actions have been carried out. They have been informed of the source of drinking water closest to the settlement and assisted in procedures for the renewal of residence permits.

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